About Us

Brothers Engineeringis an engineering-based EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) Company operating previously known as Bhai Bhai Traders which has been operating in the market since 2000. We are a company with strong organizational values and practices which made us today as one of the growing conglomerates in Bangladesh.

Mission & Vision

Our aim is to deliver exceptional services ensuring high value for our clients by implementing global best-in-class customized project and engineering management services and tools by a team of highly skilled.

Our Values


We do work intelligently with an excellent way.


Reduce Time and Money is possible with proper analytics. Which we do better.


We are most aware on our business because of we prior a relation most.


First ensuring the quality because we believe in longevity.


Our vast experience make a sound collaboration on our business.

Health & Safety

its has no compromise on workers safety. because we know the value of a life.


Responsibilities is our first and most integrity to our profession.


Previous task and clients satisfaction proves our excellence.


The relation, quality, excellence and innovations are our key sustainability in this sector.